{"id":370691866637,"title":"CoffeeGenic™","handle":"life-extension-coffeegenic-400-mg-90-capsules-n0537","description":"People who take extraordinary steps to limit their carbohydrate exposure may still be experiencing higher-than-desired blood sugar throughout the day. The reason? Blood sugar can surge to dangerously high levels following meals that can last for hours and even the entire day!\r\n\r\nStudies show even in people with normal fasting glucose, gaining control of after-meal surges may provide additional support for cardiovascular and metabolic health.\u003cspan style=\"font-size: 0.8em; vertical-align: 33%;\"\u003e(1-3)\u003c\/span\u003e To address this widespread problem, a natural compound is now available called CoffeeGenic™ Green Coffee Extract. This next-generation glucose control compound was shown to induce a remarkable 32% drop in after-meal blood sugar!\u003cspan style=\"font-size: 0.8em; vertical-align: 33%;\"\u003e(1)\u003c\/span\u003e At the core of CoffeeGenic™ Green Coffee Extract's power to favorably modulate after-meal glucose levels is chlorogenic acid, a polyphenol found in the green coffee bean. Chlorogenic acid has been shown to inhibit excess activity of glucose-6-phosphatase.\u003cspan style=\"font-size: 0.8em; vertical-align: 33%;\"\u003e(4,5)\u003c\/span\u003e The glucose-6-phosphatase enzyme triggers glucose formation from non-carbohydrate substrates and glycogen release from the liver, both of which can create excess glucose in the blood.\u003cspan style=\"font-size: 0.8em; vertical-align: 33%;\"\u003e(6)\u003c\/span\u003e Neutralizing excess glucose-6-phosphatase is essential for most people to achieve optimal glucose control. Another means by which chlorogenic acid supports healthy after-meal glucose levels is by targeting the alpha-glucosidase enzyme. This intestinal enzyme breaks apart complex sugars and enhances their absorption into the bloodstream.\u003cspan style=\"font-size: 0.8em; vertical-align: 33%;\"\u003e(7)\u003c\/span\u003e Chlorogenic acid also increases the signal protein for insulin receptors in liver cells.\u003cspan style=\"font-size: 0.8em; vertical-align: 33%;\"\u003e(8)\u003c\/span\u003e CoffeeGenic™ Green Coffee Extract may be a helpful addition to a weight management program. In a recent, placebo-controlled, human study, subjects took 350 mg of green coffee extract three times daily but did not change their calorie intake or exercise level. The impressive findings, reported January 2012, noted that both men and women lost an average of 17.6 pounds - over 10% of body weight - after just 12 weeks of supplementation. There was also an average 4.44% reduction in body fat percentage.\u003cspan style=\"font-size: 0.8em; vertical-align: 33%;\"\u003e(9)\u003c\/span\u003e The conclusion is that green coffee extract powerfully supports the body's ability to lose weight naturally.\u003cspan style=\"font-size: 0.8em; vertical-align: 33%;\"\u003e(1)\u003c\/span\u003e And CoffeeGenic™ - the key ingredient in this product - is the same clinically validated form of green coffee bean extract used in this study.\r\n\u003ch3 class=\"blueHeader2\"\u003eWhy \u003cem\u003eGreen \u003c\/em\u003eCoffee Bean Extract?\u003c\/h3\u003e\r\nCoffee grows on trees and the fruit is a berry. The berry contains green seeds, which are the \"beans\". The outer part of the berry is washed away to get to the seeds. The seed has a higher amount of phenolic acids (50%) than the berry (about 35%). The problem with the roasted coffee you drink is that much of the beneficial phenolic content of the coffee bean is destroyed during the roasting process. CoffeeGenic™ Green Coffee Extract is produced through a patented extraction process to deliver an extraordinarily high proportion of chlorogenic acid for maximum potency. The coffee beans sourced for CoffeeGenic™ Green Coffee Extract are organically grown. For optimal benefit, one vegetarian capsule of CoffeeGenic™ Green Coffee Extract should be taken before heavy meals. Each capsule is standardized to 50% chlorogenic acid. Each serving contains approximately 12 mg of caffeine (the amount found in 1\/4 cup brewed green tea).\r\n\u003ch3\u003e\u003cstrong\u003eRead more about CoffeeGenic™ in \u003ca href=\"##\" rel=\"nofollow\"\u003e\"Green Coffee Extract: Unique Obesity Intervention\"\u003c\/a\u003e\u003c\/strong\u003e\u003c\/h3\u003e\r\n\u003cspan style=\"color: #666666; font-size: 8pt;\"\u003e*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.\u003c\/span\u003e","published_at":"2018-02-18T13:51:12","created_at":"2018-02-18T13:51:12","vendor":"Life Extension","type":"vegetarian capsules","tags":["CoffeeGenic™"],"price":1644,"price_min":1644,"price_max":1644,"price_varies":false,"compare_at_price":2349,"compare_at_price_min":2349,"compare_at_price_max":2349,"compare_at_price_varies":false,"all_variant_ids":[3822626504717],"variants":[{"id":3822626504717,"product_id":370691866637,"product_handle":"life-extension-coffeegenic-400-mg-90-capsules-n0537","title":"Default Title","option1":"Default Title","option2":null,"option3":null,"sku":"N0537","requires_shipping":true,"taxable":true,"featured_image":null,"image_id":null,"available":true,"name":"CoffeeGenic™ - Default Title","options":["Default Title"],"price":1644,"weight":138,"compare_at_price":2349,"inventory_quantity":5,"inventory_management":"shopify","inventory_policy":"deny","inventory_in_cart":0,"inventory_remaining":5,"incoming":false,"next_incoming_date":null,"taxable":true,"barcode":"737870162094"}],"available":true,"images":["\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/2426\/0449\/products\/3a7acdeb03ed5d10f8a29cc79ae21f6d.gif?v=1530917395"],"featured_image":"\/\/cdn.shopify.com\/s\/files\/1\/2426\/0449\/products\/3a7acdeb03ed5d10f8a29cc79ae21f6d.gif?v=1530917395","options":["Title"],"url":"\/products\/life-extension-coffeegenic-400-mg-90-capsules-n0537"}

CoffeeGenic™ - 400 mg , 90 vegetarian capsules by Life Extension

Supports the Body's Ability to Lose Weight Naturally*

  • Supports healthy glucose control
  • Helps reduce after-meal blood sugar levels*
  • Sourced from organically grown coffee beans
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Usually: $23.49

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