Freedom From Lyme Disease: New Treatments for a Complete Recovery, 438 pages by ProHealth

Describes Available Treatments And How to Coordinate Into a Customized, Individualized Treatment Plan

  • Offers new insight into Lyme disease treatment options
  • Provides a flexible and unique treatment plan as a "treatment template"
  • Paperback - 438 pages


Freedom From Lyme Disease: New Treatments for a Complete Recovery. A book by Bryan Rosner.

Rosner wrote "Freedom from Lyme Disease" because he observed what he describes as a tipping point in new Lyme disease information and treatment strategies. The tipping point came in 2013, at which time Rosner began working on the new book.

Rosner describes this tipping point as a milestone in which there was a fundamental change in how Lyme disease should be approached and treated. "Freedom from Lyme Disease" contains newly discovered treatment modalities and strategies that have the potential to shorten the duration of recovery from Lyme disease.

Rosner believes that "Freedom from Lyme Disease" is the most important book he's ever written, as it ties together many of the concepts introduced in his previous books. What sets Rosner's writing apart from other Lyme disease books is that he focuses not just on describing available treatments, but also on how to coordinate and weave these treatments into a customized, individualized treatment plan. He refers to this flexible and unique treatment plan as the "treatment template."

While many available books offer information on cutting-edge treatments, few provide guidance on how those treatments should be used in the broader context of a complex and individualized treatment protocol.

Book Type: Paperback
Published: July 9, 2014
ISBN: 978-0988243743
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