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Supplements for Oral Health

Could your oral health routine use a bit of a boost? Supplementation is one of the keys to success when it comes to managing good oral hygiene and a healthy smile. ProHealth offers a vast selection of oral health supplements from industry-leading brands, such as BioPure, Neurobiologix, and ProBiora, just to name a few. Using only pure ingredients, these supplements for oral health provide a wealth of benefits: healthy gums, fresher breath, and naturally whiter teeth. We offer an array of administration methods to choose from, including chewable tablets, veggie capsules, and Goldenseal liquid dietary supplements, finding the best solution for your particular set of needs is easy. Take all the necessary steps to improve your tooth and gum wellness. Explore our selection of supplements for oral health today.

Bad oral hygiene and bacterial imbalances in the mouth can increase a person's risk of developing mouth ulcers, oral thrush, gingivitis, and other conditions. Luckily, we offer an assortment of oral health supplements that can help you manage symptoms and restore that beautiful smile you have been missing. Calcium has always been one of the single most important nutrients for bone health, so it's no surprise that calcium supplements may be helpful to your oral health. Calcium supports the body's potential hydrogen (pH) balance and promotes tissue health. Chlorella is a nutritious algae that has gained a lot of buzz for its health benefits. We supply both chlorella pyrenoidosa and chlorella vulgaris.

In addition to supplements for oral health, we also supply natural whitening toothpaste, alcohol-free mouthwash, and oral probiotics to help you keep your breath fresh and clean. Periowash® is a specially formulated mouthwash that contains a patented herbal extract that has been shown in independent laboratory studies to promote cell vitality. PerioBrite® is a less abrasive toothpaste than you will be able to find at your local store and it contains a beneficial blend of herbs that are known to promote gum and tissue health, including oregano, cinnamon, and clove. If you have any questions about periodontal health or our selection of supplements, please contact us today for further assistance.

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