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Natural Patches of Vermont

Have you heard about the restorative rewards of essential oils? Aromatherapy may seem like a recent health trend, but the practice of using volatile plant oils for physiological and physical well-being dates back to ancient times. Botanicals and aromatic oils were used by Chinese, Egyptian, Persian, and Indian civilizations for a variety of medicinal and spiritual purposes. Today, essential oils are used to treat anxiety, aches, acne, and many other health conditions, but one brand takes it to a whole new level. Since 1999, Natural Patches of Vermont has been the architect behind body patches that deliver the aromatherapeutic benefits of essential oils. ProHealth is pleased to provide a vast selection of all-natural aromatherapy patches as an alternative to traditional pain rubs.

Natural Patches of Vermont incorporate the age-old practice of aromatherapy and the topical benefits of essential oils to help restore balance and wellness to your fast-paced life. Inhalation can result in an immediate olfactory response, which can also impact mood, hunger, memories, and emotions. Essential oils have the unique ability to balance cortisol, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and thyroid levels, all hormones that influence mood and wellbeing. Oils have also been found to aid digestion, boost energy, fight infections, and improve brain function. Arnica body patches feature a formulated blend of arnica, cayenne, ginger, rosemary, and lemongrass essential oils to restore physical freedom from aches and pains. Lavender body patches blend lavender, chamomile, and jasmine to quiet the mind and help you fall asleep naturally.

As if you need another reason to consider trying Natural Patches of Vermont, all products are manufactured to meticulous standards, using nothing but pure essential oils in an olive oil carrier. Every essential oil patch is free of any artificial colors, fragrances, and latex. Plus, they do not employ animals or animal-based materials in the testing and production processes. This refreshing approach to alternative care provides a wealth of incredible benefits and is sure to restore comfort, peace, and satisfaction to anyone that wishes to enhance his or her life. If you have any questions about these products, please don't hesitate to contact us for additional information or further assistance.

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