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Supplements for Herpes

There are many conditions that can affect the skin, but herpes is among the most painful and prevalent. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately one out of every six people in the United States aged 14 to 49 has genital herpes (HSV-2). An estimated 3.7 billion people under age 50 have herpes labialis (HSV-1). As one of the most common diseases of the modern era, it's no surprise why many people wonder whether there is a natural treatment plan. Although the herpes simplex virus is not currently curable, you can take preventative measures to keep symptoms dormant. At ProHealth, we offer safe solutions that you can feel good about adding to your wellness routine. We offer a wide range of supplements for herpes to help you reap the benefits of safe ingredients, specially formulated options, and the highest standards.

Both the Artemis tincture and the Key Five tincture made by BioPure come in two-fluid-ounce bottles with up to 60 servings per bottle. Artemis is an extract from the plant Artemisia annua, camphor laurel, and essential oils. This robust plant extract promotes healthy inflammatory processes and exhibits inhibitory effects against the blood fluke Schistomiasisand cytomegalovirus species that cause herpes. Key Five is a symbiotic herbal extract that features a synergistic blend of cilantro, ginkgo, lemon balm, biscuitroot, and St. John's Wort. These five ingredients are designed to bolster the body's natural immune defenses while detoxifying, supporting the nervous system, and providing protection against microbial, parasitic, or viral infections. Initial findings reveal that these herbal supplements for herpes also support stress control, relaxation, sleep, mental clarity, and mood.

With either of these powerful supplements, you can effectively manage symptoms caused by the herpes simplex virus. We also carry Artemisinin powder, which is the extract of a natural herb known as Artemisia annua or sweet wormwood. By taking one scoop of this powder supplement twice daily, you can give your immune system a boost and start this alternative, all-natural journey on the right track. Lead the happier, healthier life you always envisioned by taking the next step today. Stock up on supplements for herpes, so you can effectively manage cold sores, fever blisters, outbreaks, and other symptoms. If you have any questions while shopping with us, please contact us for additional information or further assistance.

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