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Supplements for Heartburn

Whether you suffer from acid indigestion or you hope to improve your digestive health overall, ProHealth has you covered with our collection of heartburn supplements. We offer an extensive selection of supplements for heartburn that will help you maintain an effective wellness routine and relieve discomfort caused by esophageal conditions. With trusted brands and high-quality products at the ready, such as Doctor's Best, NOW Foods, Life Extension, and so much more, finding the right supplement to support your dietary health is finally simple and straightforward. Reap the benefits of natural heartburn relief by shopping from our selection today to stock up on easy-to-swallow capsules or tablets.

Many people know the feeling well – a hiccup followed by a burning sensation in the chest or throat. Heartburn can be triggered by certain acidic, fatty, or spicy foods, but it is also a symptom of gastroesophageal reflux disease and other chronic conditions. Though uncomfortable and inconvenient, heartburn does not have to define the way you live on a daily basis. We are pleased to offer such a diverse selection of supplements for heartburn, with specially formulated capsules and tablets that are easy to add to your existing wellness routine. Many of the products we supply contain active enzymes to improve digestion of proteins, sugars, carbohydrates, fiber, and fats.

Digestive enzymes are essential to the body's absorption and full use of food, but they also function as biological catalysts to speed up the reactions that break down the foods we eat. With age, our ability to produce enzymes diminishes. Luckily, natural heartburn relief provides a convenient solution to bolster your dietary and medicinal efforts. Betaine capsules increase the level of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, which is essential to proper digestion and the assimilation of nutrients. The combination of betaine hydrochloride and pepsin is formulated for maximum potency and encapsulated for quick delivery.

Find the best complement to your dietary regimen by exploring the many supplements for heartburn we offer. Each bottle in our selection includes between 60 and 180 capsules or tablets to help you manage inflammation, chronic cough, regurgitation, stomach pain, burning in the upper abdomen, and other symptoms. Please contact us today if you have any questions or concerns.

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