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All-Natural Cold and Flu Supplements

Whether sick with a flu or the common cold, you need all-natural relief, and fast. That's where ProHealth can help. We offer a vast selection of cold and flu supplements from some of the most reputable brands in the health and wellness industry, such as BioPure, Eclectic Institute, Life Extension, MegaFood, Nature's Way, Neurobiologix, and Seeking Health. Colds, allergies, and sinus problems prevent you from fully enjoying all that life has to offer, but you can fight those symptoms with the help of all-natural cold and flu supplements. Here, you can find potent remedies that derive from ingredients found in nature. We offer essential oils, herbal tinctures, liposomal systems, and so much more.

From sneezing to wheezing, we have all your needs covered in our assortment of cold and flu supplements. Abies balsamea, or balsam fir, is a microbial agent that can be used to calm cases of spastic coughing, relieving rheumatic pain, and suppressing hiccups. Eucalyptus has many therapeutic properties and may help you combat the coughs and sniffles of the upcoming flu season. Everyone knows that vitamin C is rich with the antioxidants needed to fight free radicals and give your immune system a boost. Echinacea contains phenolic compounds that also have excellent antioxidant properties. BioPure's herbal tincture features a synergistic blend of natural extracts to support microbial, parasitic, and viral defense.

When traditional medicines keep seeming to fail, you can always turn to natural remedies for the best medicinal results. Our selection of all-natural cold and flu supplements includes a variety of nutrients and homeopathic formulas that can help relieve allergy, cold, or hay fever symptoms. Guaifenesin acts as a powerful expectorant by helping loosen and liquefy phlegm in the airways to facilitate the removal of any mucus from the chest. Zinc can help the immune system fight off invading bacteria and viruses, but it is also taken for daily maintenance and nutritional support. No matter what your particular set of needs or symptoms may be, we have you covered in our collection of cold and flu supplements.

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